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TAPESTRY: A Work in Progress That May Never Come to Light

Years ago I had an idea for an all ages fantasy story called THE SECRET LIFE OF WALLY MEIERS—a Harry Potter-meets-Quantum Leap inspired tale about a kid recruited into being a hero that would save ALL heroes from a madman with designs on ending a universe of stories. It was a father-son story (as most of mine tend to be; make of that what you will) with cool things like Jewish robots, laser fitted space sharks and included such supporting characters as Odysseus, Moses and Indiana Jones. Artists came and went, and both title and plot changed over time, but I’ve always wanted to tell this tale…four volumes, each a self contained story that drove the larger narrative. I want to tell it still, and have begun thinking about getting it back on its feet, assuming I find the right artist.

TAPESTRY is about a daydreaming twelve-year-old boy who reluctantly joins a wisecracking, cigar-smoking pigeon on the greatest adventure of his life, training to be a hero and—hopefully—finding his long-lost father along the way.The only problem? On his way to the Quest Institute — training ground for heroes-to-be and gateway to every square of the universal tapestry — our hero gets lost through a window to another world. Now he must journey across space and time, searching for a way back to his own reality while encountering the strange, unusual and awesome. With the help of a fairy cleric, a dying world’s last journalist, an eager vampire slayer and a Jewish robot, our reality’s would-be savior battles mad super villains, shape-shifting demons, feline corporations and the armies of the dead while learning to save existence by depending on the strength of his friendships. With newfound knowledge, confidence and friends, he ventures to the heart of the Tapestry to stop the man threatening to tear it apart and, in the process, discovers that the way home had been inside him all along.

It may never happen. But I’ll have fun trying.

Above you’ll see character samples for TAPESTRY, created by talented artist Amy Pearson. Hope you like them.

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